What Real People Say About Mercer County

As a realtor, I have helped all types of people relocate to Mercer County. They are always happy to learn about our affordable housing, great schools, excellent healthcare systems, and much more. But in the end our simpler, less-stressful lifestyle is what they wanted.Betty DuBry, Broker/Owner of Hall Realty
I love what I learn from the farmers… Although Mercer County farmers are among the most successful in Ohio, they are also some of the most unpretentious people I know. They farm, but not just for the money. They farm because they love it; it’s in their blood. They work hard, play hard, and just have a common sense way of doing things that permeates the community… Maybe it’s because they live at the mercy of Mother Nature, but they just seem to know better than most that all good things ultimately come from above.Janet White, Registered Nurse (Relocated to Celina from Nova Scotia, Canada)
For years Mercer County’s crime rate has been much lower than the state average. That is certainly a testimony to the high caliber of our local law enforcement officers. But it is also a reflection of the strong family values living in our communities; and how people really watch out for each other… That is the real reason our crime rate is so low.Kip Wright, Commander, Grand Lake Law Enforcement Academy Wright State University – Lake Campus
West Central Ohio is always full of so many great things to do. But sometimes my husband and I just love to take the grandkids for ice cream and follow it up with a slow car ride around the countryside… For us, keeping it simple is where it’s at.Cathy Koesters, Retired Nurse & Member of Ft. Recovery Historical Society
A strong work ethic and a strong spirit for innovation and entrepreneurism – those are the qualities that pioneered this region. And they are the same reasons that Mercer County businesses are so successful today.Steve Schmidt, Vice President, People’s Bank, Celina OH

A Great Place to Live

If you are looking for a great place to live, work, or play – then Mercer County is for you! Our website will help you discover:

  •  the allure of rural living,
  • our great work-life balance,
  • and how life here is anything but dull with lots of recreational activities and educational resources for everyone!

Mercer County is many things – great farmland, national manufacturers, friendly people, and more. To quickly find your way to what is important to you – let the Celina Mercer County Chamber of Commerce be your resource center.

A Great Place to Work


Our Strong Midwest Work Ethic,
Building Business Success

Why is Mercer County such a great place for work? Our “strong Midwest work ethic” sits at the top of our list – creating strong businesses as well as new opportunities for success.

More than a tradition, our work ethic is a deep-seated (often unspoken) belief that work is inherently good, builds character, and reflects the moral qualities in our soul. As a result, you will often hear great stories of how our employees take great pride in their work and are exceptionally industrious. And you will also hear how work initiative and company loyalty are fairly rewarded by

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